Client Testimonials

Here is some client feedback from women, couples and men…

Below are stories from moms, wives, husbands, lovers, doctors, therapists and more… can you relate to their experiences?

“I arrived to my session stressed out from a snowy three hour drive and getting pulled over by a cop because I was late and speeding.

Being new to Tantra, I was nervous on top of the stress. Paul created a safe container and was professional and compassionate. During our time I found my voice to experience greater pleasure without guilt or shame.

I also learned how to move energy in my body and I felt free from my fears around making money. The result, was pure bliss and gratitude to the Universe.

The next day I awoke full of love for myself and spent the entire day appreciating my body, mind and spirit. Two days out and life continues to feel more sensational and I’m looking forward to being able to access this energy whenever I need it.”

S. Granby, CO

“Paul is a practitioner with standards of incredible integrity, boundaries and compassion. He worked with me to accomplish exactly what I wanted to achieve. He created a beautiful, sacred and extraordinarily safe space for me to become more of who I am, helping me to access my true divinity.

I left with my heart more open and as a result, my ability to take in more of life has expanded.” This is true and amazing after 25+ yrs of keeping my heart closed off, I feel myself feeling more for men, a level of compassion that I honestly don’t think I felt before.

It brings tears to me eyes just thinking about what I’ve missed for years.    What a gift I gave myself that day by coming to you. Blessings,”

M. Tucson, AZ

“Paul Sterling has the capacity, so essential to sacred sexuality, for holding safe space.  He has a wonderful presence and I experienced the gift of his stillness.  I deeply appreciated the sense that there was no rush and nothing we had to accomplish.  Time stopped.  Pressure stopped.  Being in the holy field of grace is all that remained.”

S. Eldorado, NM

“Paul, I just wanted to thank you for your tantric work with me in our session. You held a space for me that was safe and sacred which helped me feel comfortable touching whatever emotion and energy came up for me during our work together.

The session did not go the direction my conscious mind wanted it to go but obviously to some deep work that needed to happen on another level releasing old pains and emotional scares that needed to be removed to allow my heart to be more fully open. Again, I just wanted to thank you for making me feel so safe and accepted just the way I was – tears and all.

T. Longmont, CO

“… I wanted to make sure you knew how GRATEFUL I was & am for the experience you gave me — full of pleasure, introspection & healing catharsis…

I came home with a huge appreciation for my husband and the ways he’s always been SO deeply present & honoring of me. And of course, he couldn’t help but notice that I looked like a radiant, (yes, somewhat disheveled but in that yummy post-orgasm way) goddess when I walked through the front door! ”

L. Santa Fe, NM

“As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Theta Healer I work with ‘Energy Flows’ daily. I have been on a journey to heal myself, as well as facilitate others ‘healing’.

In my session with Paul, I was honored by a professional who held the ‘Positive Male Energy’ through put my session on a Sacred Space. All during the session with Paul I was able to feel safe, protected, open to my releases and my Wild Women came out to express herself in a beautiful and truthful way and I felt whole again as I was respected, honored and supported in a loving and Sacred Space.

Many blessing Paul. I honor you and thank-you for doing your work in Santa Fe”

K. Santa Fe, NM

“My first experience with Paul was both personally revealing and enlightening. He briefed me on the setting, and remained really clean and clear about his intention, as he followed through with my particular needs.

I was a bit nervous when we entered the room, but I found it safe and chose to seize the courage to find out what was beyond my previous scope of knowledge and understanding. I felt an opening, and I expunged lots of ju-ju which no longer serve me.

What is out there is magnificent; I wonder how I could have missed this opportunity for decades, as though I’ve just gone diving for the first time in a vast, colorful ocean, a world never before revealed to me.

I will continue with this work, because it directly addresses the intricate, unique ways my body has stored memories which I choose to no longer hold, memories of rape and victimization. Now I know there’s a world of good out there, and I am empowered and open to love. There are concepts I was previously not aware of, and today, I am increasingly free to take steps of great magnitude. I am truly inspired to find out what else I’ve been missing!”

P. Santa Fe, NM

“I enjoyed our session so much and I am still reverberating from the beautiful after effects…thank you thank you!

Also, your message on my voicemail was incredibly perfect timing. I was in the midst of a heart opening meditation kind of day and your message was so very helpful in navigating the wide open sensations…thanks again for being so in sync with the universe; I appreciate you very much. ~namaste”

T. Atlanta, GA

“I decided to work with Paul, needing to reconnect with myself.

At first I was quite nervous and unsure if I wanted to proceed.  Starting this process I was filled with fear and uncertainty, Paul took the time to talk to me and make me feel safe, and I decided to go forward.

The experience was truly transforming to me. I was able to connect to parts of myself that I had closed down many years ago, along with that connection came tears and joy I felt like I was welcoming home an old friend.

I felt as if I was finally whole embracing and accepting my full body and spirit. After years of talk therapy this was the perfect way to really connect with my body it is no longer the enemy!! I felt more alive!! Transformative experience!!

V. Denver  CO

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