Benefits & Client Feedback – Couples

Benefits & Client Feedback – Couples

  •     How to talk about what you both want in a way that causes your lover to want to give it to you
  •     Bring the Secrets of Sacred Sexuality, ceremony and celebration into your bedroom
  •     The secrets to really relaxing and receiving without trying to give back
  •     Discover the 5 different types of Tantric Touch
  •     Experience 3 amazing positions for women and 2 for men that will increase intimacy, connection and pleasure for both of you
  •     Learn specific exercises, practices and positions to intensify and prolong pleasure
  •     How to reawaken the passion, desire and aliveness in your relationship
  •     Using your breath, your voice and your touch to help you open your lover’s heart and connect with them
  •     Getting rid of guilt, shame, embarrassment, duty and obligation from your bedroom… and bring back innocent sensuous exploration
  •     Discover your lover’s love language and increase the amount of love and connection
  •     Using your voice, breath and visualizations to enhance the quality… and length of your orgasm
  •     and more…

 Feedback from Couples:

“It’s just hard to put into words what we experienced. We learned so much from our experience with you and Julianne, and the results were immediate… so much more than I ever dreamed of.

We are learning to connect at a higher and more emotional and spiritual level which we are carrying to not only to our sex life but our every day relationship.  Hard to believe that after 30 years we still have so much too learn and room to grow. Very exciting.

I’ve really enjoyed and am having fun learning what you have taught my wife, she has been a good teacher. I think she feels the same about me. Looking forward to working with you again, both as a couple and individually. Can’t wait to see what we can learn and grow from next.”

H & K, Florida

“We were both new to Tantra, but Paul made me and my partner feel so comfortable. He helped facilitate and expand our ability for intimacy as a couple, and he personally helped me learn to give more quality attention to my lady.

Our couple’s session with Paul opened the door for us to explore our sexuality together – as a couple. Our relationship now has more freedom, adventure, and permission for passion! Thank you, Paul!”

C + S Boulder, CO

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderfully healing Tantra Session. I feel more open sexually and more connected to my partner.

I want to explore more and take my time to enjoy. All the senses and chakras have been opened wide. NAMASTE”

J. Santa Fe, NM

“I was a bit apprehensive when my husband gave me a tantric massage session with Paul as a gift. But Wow! Paul was insightful, passionate, caring, energetic and very professional. I walked away looking at the world with new eyes. Thanks Paul!”

C. Lyons, Colorado.

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