Benefits & Client Feedback – Women

Tantra For Women, Here Are Some of the Benefits:

  •     Experience more love, intimacy, sensuality and connection in your relationships and your life
  •     Heal your heart and open yourself to feel a much deeper level of love and intimacy
  •     Learn specific exercises, practices and positions to intensify and prolong pleasure
  •     Open up and awaken your Divine Femininity, sensuality and set your passion free, experiencing waves of pleasure…
  •     Forgive and let go of the past, be present and create new possibilities for your future
  •     Intensify your ability to really be “IN” your body and ‘FEEL’ your feelings, including your sensuality, sexuality and passion
  •     Reconnect with your desires and ask for what you really want in the bedroom (and in your life)… in a way your lover will be overjoyed to give you what you want

 Feedback from Female Clients:

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderfully healing Tantra Session. I feel more open sexually and more connected to my partner.

I want to explore more and take my time to enjoy. All the senses and chakras have been opened wide. NAMASTE”

J. Santa Fe, NM

    “My work with Paul was extraordinary. His honoring of me, as a female whose journey has been a very traumatic one, allowed me to open to loving and trusting touch.

His ability to hold presence has deepened my personal journey into knowing who I am and what I am here to share with my fellow humans. If you are ready to feel more deeply your own truth that is stored in your body, then Paul’s work can support that opening, and you can be blessed in your desire to know more of yourself.”

B. Eldorado, NM

“Tantric massage, a new adventure for me.

At first, I am shy, reserved, somehow uncomfortable, but that quickly reverses under Paul’s gentle and safe instruction.

Paul is not only a beautiful Man , but a conscious Human Being devoted to the Sacred Feminine as a modern Knight to serve and remind us women of our Divinity through our sexuality. Bless his Heart. That’s what we most long for…secretly.

All his gentle gestures, moves, intentions are carefully outspoken so no feeling of violation, nor invasion rise up. Candles burn, music plays softly. The sacred space is felt. Quickly my body relaxes. He gives me space to let go.

And I get out of my mind to embrace fully the Feeling. It’s all for
me. Just for me. I am in heaven. My body starts to response rapidly and I surprise myself as I go with the flow. A deep sense of being met, respected, supported and HONORED in a Loving, Sacred and Safe way.

A DIVINE experience, I wish most woman could experience Tantra at least once to remember their own GODDESS within… NIRVANA! Thank you Paul.”

P. Santa Fe, NM

“As someone with little previous experience with sex and sexuality–and carrying a host of insecurities because of it–I was highly tentative and nervous going into my first session. I wasn’t sure what to expect, wasn’t sure if I’d really feel safe, wasn’t sure if I’d really be able to let go of those insecurities long enough to truly give myself over to the experience. It seemed extremely chancy to my risk-averse mind.

My concerns turned out to be absolutely groundless. Paul treated me with such loving compassion, and I felt safer, more respected, and more honored as a person and as a woman than I could have imagined.

I left the session feeling cleansed of so much emotional dead weight, as if years of old fears and hurts that had been frozen into my body had been released and relieved of their power, and with a sense of my own sexuality–and my right to enjoy it–bursting into joyful new life.

I am incredibly glad I took that risk, and I would recommend Tantra sessions with Paul to anyone, without hesitation.”

K. Santa Fe, NM

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