Tantra Massage Sessions

A session normally lasts about two hours, but there is nothing normal about these Tantric Sessions. Each one is different, unique and designed to meet your specific desires and needs.

We start with a conversation about what you want from your session which can range from

  • a desire for increased awakening and awareness of your body, your sensuality, and your desires…
  • to a deeper and richer access of your feeling and emotions…
  • to become more available to your lover and to your life…
  • to healing from some past trauma or heartbreak.

Next, we talk about our boundaries…. both yours (which are always respected) and mine (I’m in a committed, loving relationship).

Then there is a heart opening and body awakening sensuous tantric touch session for increased awareness and access to your senses, your feelings, and your emotions.

There will also be some tantra coaching, exercises and practices to help you intensify your awareness of your body and all its sensations.

These exercises and practices include special breathing and sounding techniques that can be used to control, intensify and prolong the orgasmic pleasure.

If you can see the benefits for you and your life, if you hear a totally different way of being with your sexuality calling to you, if this experience is something that pulls at your heart, then give me a call and lets set up a session for you.

Please call well in advance as I travel a lot and it sometimes takes a couple of weeks to find time in the schedule.

Call me and ask any questions you have so you can decide if this is a gift you want to give yourself and your life. I offer private sessions for Individuals and Couples (in person or over the phone). I divide my time between Santa Crzu, CA and Estes Park Colorado and Hawaii.

Live and love with passion, purpose, and possibility,

Paul Sterling

PS. I look forward answering your questions and to set up a session for you to experience tantra today, please contact my office:

phone:     (303) 807 0159
email:     info@tantraforyou.com

You can also access my other website:

For videos, eBooks and coaching for clear up communication and intimacy issues so that you have a more open, honest and intimate relationship.

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