Free Tantra CD-MP3

Educate your lover and yourself by discovering:

  •     Tantra Yoga and how it can dramatically improve your sex life and lovemaking skills
  •     Three types of Tantric energy and how to control them
  •     A 1,000-year-old secret technique that brings passion back into your kissing and reawakens yours and your lover’s lips
  •     How to bring spirituality into the bedroom to improve your love life and put a smile on your lover’s face that won’t go away for days
  •     Six sexual positions that increase pleasure, prolong your lovemaking, and enhance intimacy
  •     The most common mistakes that destroy or block pleasure
  •     The power of old programming and how to be set free from it
  •     How Tantra gurus use lovemaking to increase their energy
  •     Ways your love life impacts ALL your life, and seven methods to improve it — starting today!

For a free CD on Tantra from my mentor and friend Charles Muir, just go to:

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