Why I Teach Tantra…

Dear Curious Friend,
I am a little shy about sharing my story, but I hope you can learn from
it, so hang on – here we go.
Some people are naturally good at certain things… including sex.
My older brother seamed to be one of those lucky people in that
area – I on the other hand, was not.
I was uncomfortable; clumsy – I didn’t know what to do. I was
afraid of “doing it wrong,” I had very little control – only lasted
a short time – and I didn’t really know how to turn my
partner on.
For whatever reason, I was one of the people who needed extra
help to learn those skills and build my confidence.
Lucky for me, and for all of us, being a great lover is a skill
you can learn.
Then there was my marriage for almost 18 years, my sex
life was pretty much the same: predictable, mechanical, and,
if I’m being totally honest – a bit boring.
Even though that was years ago, I can still feel some of the
embarrassment I felt back then.
It wasn’t anyone’s fault – I had fallen into a rut and I didn’t
know how to get out… at least not until I discovered
Tantra – sacred sexuality.
Until Tantra, I had no idea that sex was a skill that could
be learned or that physical intimacy was something that
could be mastered.
This may sound strange, but I grew up thinking of James
Bond as the ultimate (mythical) lover who could seduce and
please almost any woman.
I felt a certain amount of envy over his supposed “skills”
– but that all changed…
I had been studying and practicing Tantra for several years
and I happened to see a Bond flick.
When I walked out of the theater I felt a weird and wonderful
rush and said to myself, “I feel better than Bond!” – any envy
was gone, gone, gone.
That was a turning point for me; my confidence was transformed.
I could control when or if I climaxed, I was able to stay very
present and connected to my lover (Eyes wide open), and to help
her expand her ability to experience pleasure
 – the “Oh My God, where did you learn how to do that?!” kind
of pleasure… the kind that leaves her breathless, blissed out,
smiling, and eventually wanting more.
The level of connection and intimacy I felt with my lover was
deeper, richer, sweeter and more passionate then anything I
had imaged.
I had discovered some very simple secrets:

 How to stay present with my lover
• Eyes open kissing and love making
• How to use my breath for increased pleasure and control over
my orgasms
• Different Tantra positions for creating an even deeper level of
• The five tantric different touches, and when to use them
and why…
I could go on, but you get the idea.
With Tantra, making love stopped being about getting to a
destination and started becoming about enjoying the journey
and enjoying my lover.
Lovemaking is a very intiamte form of communication and I
became more concoius of what I wanted to communicate with
my touch.
The world of sacred sexuality opened up to me, and my only regret
was that I didn’t learn it sooner in life.
Where was this info when I needed it? When I was younger?
How come nobody told me about Tantra when I got married?
It is hard for me to explain what a huge gift this has been for me and
how big a transformation it has made in my life.
After experiencing my relationship transform I decided I wanted
to teach what I had learned so other people won’t have to go through
the same shame and embarrassment I felt.
So I have teamed with Relationship Coach Joanna Kennedy and we
have put together this one day introduction to Tantra and Sacred
Sexuality called:
A Taste Of Tantra: Sacred Sexuality For The Lover’s Soul.
It will Dec 14th in Aravda, CO
Here are some examples of how clients and workshop participants
have used Tantra.
  • They use it to bring passion back to their relationships – and I’m talking about
    people who have been married for 30 years.

  • Some lovers use Tantra to overcome past traumas and abuse.
  • Others use it to discover whole new levels of pleasure, passion and intimacy.
If you are frustrated, feel like you’ve been settling, or even just
curious about how much pleasure you can really bring to your lover
and yourself?
If you ready to explore Delicious Vulnerability, Sweet Surrender,
Courageous Intimacy, Selfish Generosity and Juicy Spirituality
and discover why you’ll want to bring them into your bedroom?
Then join us for this transformational, eye-opening day.
I guarantee the only regret you will have is that you didn’t learn
this earlier – and that is a money back guarantee.
Now is the time to change your story – say YES to more intimacy
– both physical and emotional – save yourself a space now.
Come alone, singles ($67) or with a friend, couples ($97)
Grab your credit card and click here:
We look forward to taking this journey with you.
With purpose, passion and possibility,
Paul Sterling
Intimacy Coach
PS. Here is what one couple had to say:
“It’s just hard to put into words what we
experienced. We learned so much from our
experience and the results were immediate…
so much more than I ever dreamed of.
We are learning to connect at a higher and
more emotional and spiritual level, which
we are carrying to not only our sex life,
but our everyday relationship. Hard to believe
that after 30 years we still have so much to
learn and room to grow. Very exciting.
I’ve really enjoyed and am having fun
learning what you have taught my wife –
she has been a good teacher. I think she
feels the same about me.
Can’t wait to see what we can learn and
grow from next.”
H & K, Florida
PPS: A Taste Of Tantra: Sacred Sexuality For
The Lover’s Soul.
Come alone, singles ($67) or with a friend,
couples ($97)
It will Dec 14th in Aravda, CO
Taught by Joanna Kennedy and Paul Sterling



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