Benefits & Client Feedback – Men

Tantra For Men, Here Are Some of the Benefits:

  •     Discover easy and powerful practices to prolong and intensify your pleasure and your lover’s pleasure. Including exercises that use breath, sound and touch to convey your love
  •     The secrets to awaken her passion, while nurturing, honoring and pleasuring her (including Sacred Spot Massage)
  •     Understand the how to access and embrace Divine Masculine
  •     Learn specific exercises, practices and positions to intensify and prolong your pleasure… and your lover’s pleasure
  •     Communicate love and healing with your eyes, words and touch
  •     Control and delay your orgasmic energy in the bedroom
  •     Feel more confident, competent, compassionate and alive in the bedroom

 Feedback from Male Clients:

“As a massage therapist of ten years and a student of Tantra for one year, I thought I had experienced what it feels like to live in a body that feels fully pleasure and pain, love and sadness, and all of the emotions and sensations in between.

But after a session with Julianne and Paul, it was as if a glove of dullness was removed from me, and I was awash for the first time in a beaming ray of clear radiant love and the full spectrum of sensation that is our birthright as humans.

Please give yourself the same gift of transformation that these two remarkable beings bestowed on me. Their combination of divine feminine and divine masculine creates a synergistic effect that accelerates and magnifies a holistic healing of body, mind and spirit.

Thank you from the depth of my being”

A. Boulder, CO

“We were both new to Tantra, but Paul made me and my partner feel so comfortable. He helped facilitate and expand our ability for intimacy as a couple, and he personally helped me learn to give more quality attention to my lady.

Our couple’s session with Paul opened the door for us to explore our sexuality together – as a couple. Our relationship now has more freedom, adventure, and permission for passion! Thank you, Paul!”

C + S Boulder, CO

“It’s just hard to put into words what we experienced. We learned so much from our experience with you, and the results were immediate… so much more than I ever dreamed of.

We are learning to connect at a higher and more emotional and spiritual level which we are carrying to not only to our sex life but our every day relationship.  Hard to believe that after 30 years we still have so much too learn and room to grow. Very exciting.

I’ve really enjoyed and am having fun learning what you have taught my wife, she has been a good teacher. I think she feels the same about me. Looking forward to working with you again, both as a couple and individually. Can’t wait to see what we can learn and grow from next.”

H & K, Florida

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